Buddy Bucks Art 01, hero img

The first individually hand-drawn 1/1 NFT collection illustrated on Instagram stories

buddy bucks
Buddy Bucks was inspired by a reflection on concepts of time, financial freedom, and the overall pursuit of happiness. The collection – illustrated through the “lens of the inner child” – incorporates thought provoking messages while integrating global issues and pop cultural references.
While developing Buddy Bucks, we didn’t want to give the world another generated project using layering and software with a roadmap full of empty promises, there’s way too much of that in the Web3 space right now. Instead, we wanted to create a collection that stimulates meaningful conversations that dive deep into the art and its messages. So we decided to bring this reflection to life through a collection of 5000 1/1 pieces, each individually hand-drawn on Instagram stories.

frequently asked questions

What is the total supply of the Buddy Bucks collection?

There are a total of 5,000 pieces. Each NFT in the collection is 1/1. Each piece was individually drawn via Instagram stores.

How can I buy a Buddy Buck?

You can acquire a piece from the collection by selecting ‘Connect Wallet’ on the project’s mint date.

When is the public mint date?

Public Mint: TBA

What will the mint price be?

Public Mint: .04 ETH

Will there be whitelist spots? How can I join?

The whitelist is closed.

Is Buddy Bucks the first fully hand-drawn NFT project?

Although many projects claim their art is “hand drawn,” we can confidently say that we are the first fully hand drawn NFT collection created using Instagram stories.

How long did it take to draw the artwork?

It took 12 months to complete.

What blockchain does the project live on?

The Ethereum blockchain